seTUBE air basically describes a device with which purifies and disinfects the air in rooms using various filter modules and UC-C light.

seTUBE air is ideal for the disinfection of room air in the areas of public facilities, culture, gastronomy, tourism, etc.
Application examples: Conference rooms, offices, classrooms, dining rooms, hotels, fitness and sports studios, schools, kindergartens, crawling rooms, restaurants, dining rooms, cafés, doctor’s offices, waiting rooms, lobbies, receptions and many more …


seTUBE air adopts high-efficiency filter assembly and UV-C LED ultraviolet module. H13 high-efficiency filter can intercept 99.9% of aerosols and 0.1 μm-10 μm particles carrying bacterial pathogens. The C-band UV LED can destroy the molecular structure of DNA or RNA in the cells of the pathogenic bacteria, let the bacterial cells die and achieve the effect of disinfection of the circulated room air.

  • seTUBE air uses pre-filters, high-efficiency carbon filters and the disinfecting effect of UV-C light.
  • UV-C light is a short-waved light, invisible to the human eye, wave lengths between 100 and 280 nm.
  • In nature UV-C light does not reach the earth’s surface, because it is absorbed in the atmosphere.
  • At wave lengths between 200 and 280 nm UV-C light has a very strong germicidal effect.
  • UV-C light has and is being used in areas of high hygiene requirements to disinfect air, water and surfaces. Modern LED technology did not find its way into this by now. Modern LED technology did not find its way into this by now.
  • Keine Resistenzbildung von Mikroorganismen möglich
  1. Place seTUBE air in the room, connect to the power supply and activate using the touch panel or remote control. 
  2. Manual operation: Select one of the 4 fan speed levels. Activate UV-C LED disinfection. Automatic mode: Activate the automatic air cleaning operation, which reacts directly on the number of particles in the room air. 
  3. On/off or auto-mode on the touch panel, via remote control or using the timer function. Child lock can be activated optionally. 
  4. Simple filter replacement approx. all 6-12 months, at the latest after approx. all 3000 operating hours. (Filter change indication on the touch-panel is integrated in the disinfection device). 

HEPA is short for High Efficiency Particulate Air – Filter with high effectiveness against particles. Filters are standardized and divided into filter classes 1-17. The higher the number, the higher the filtering capacity of the smallest particles. The filter classes H13 and H14 are designated as HEPA filters. HEPA filters are filters that filter at least 99,9 percent of all dust particles larger than 0,1-0,3 micrometers from the air. These include respirable dust, mite eggs and excretions, pollen, smoke particles, asbestos, bacteria, various toxic dusts and aerosols. With an H13 filter, only 50 of 100,000 particles pass through, which then hit the UV-C LED chamber directly! Incidentally, common house dust is so large that it is already caught by the pre-filter.