In conjunction with Care By Light , Planlicht have developed a range of UV-C LED light solutions designed to tackle the global COVID -19 virus, mutations and other transmittable viruses. UV-C technology is known to attack and destroy viruses. UV-C Light is extremely hazardous and can only be used in areas where there is no human occupancy or the light source is hidden or shielded. Planlicht provides these solutions by modifying existing light solutions such as the ANTO range of spotlights to provide dual source lighting or , in co-operation with Care By Light , providing unique systems such as seCUBE Air or seTUBE Air. The CUBE can be used to disinfect items such as mobile phones, shopping trollies, hospital beds etc. while the TUBE acts to treat circulated air in spaces up to 120 square meters in, for example , offices, boardrooms. For future proofing lighting in new offices or communal spaces the ANTO lighting systems offers a fixed disinfection solution which can steralise surfaces out of hours or overnight in preperation for the coming working day